Either visit, fax, or email a rough layout of your countertop design for PS&T to provide an itemized estimate; this will allow you to make an informed decision. When the estimate is approved, the customer is expected to make a fifty percent deposit. Once the payment is received, a Template (Field measurement) is scheduled; followed by installation.



The measuring visit, usually takes between 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the kitchen. Our measuring professionals, will come to your home during the scheduled time frame (If you’re schedule with work or kids. You may request a call, when they’re on the way). To make the ideal custom countertops, all the appliances need to be at the location including: Stove, cooktop, dishwasher, and refrigerator. If there’s no space restriction for the fridge, it does not to be present. If you are supplying the sink, it needs to be onsite.

The location of seams and extension of overhangs should be discussed during this process. Feel free to share your custom ideas with the PS&T representative. You can also request the final drawing of the kitchen countertops to be sent to you for approval, prior to the granite being fabricated.

Granite is generally 1 ¼” thick, and the existing laminate or Corian countertop is usually thicker. There’s usually a gap of uncovered area. There are a couple diverse ways to fix this problem.  You can increase the height of the backsplash, if you chose one. Wooden board can also be installed over the top of the cabinets to increase its height, or you can install a piece of trim to cover that gap. These options have to be discussed in detail at the time of template.

We recommend the decision-making person, preferably the person who signed the contract; to be present during the time of templating. This will help ensure that the process goes smoothly without any unpleasant surprises.

Any required improvements must be decided on and completed before the installation


This visit generally takes a little bit longer than the previous one.  Depending on the complexity of the installation it can take between 3 and 6 hours.  Please make sure that the cabinets that will hold the sink and cooktop are empty and the top drawers of the base cabinets are emptied.

If you have a faucet, cook top, or a drop-in sink; the cutouts must be done onsite, after the countertops are placed on the cabinets. This can create a lot of dust. Our installers will take all the possible measures to contain the dust by using a heavy-duty shop vacuum cleaner.

Despite all our diligent efforts, there is a possibility of some dust escaping. We advise our customers to cover all their valuable belongings, such as: furniture, paintings, appliances etc.  Our installation crew, will clean all the debris created during the install.  However, sometimes you may still require a more thorough cleaning after the granite is installed. After the installation is complete, the install crew will go over the final checklist with you; including details such as the correct size for the faucet holes, the dishwasher being anchored, and everything being cleaned up, to assure you complete and total satisfaction.

Our install team will take your signature of approval before leaving the premises.

You’re always welcome to call our office with any questions about newly installed granite.


If PS&T arrives at the Jobsite and the customer is not ready or isn’t available for template
or install, a fee to return a third time will be assed.





All items should be cleared from the area we are going to be working on. If the cabinets are new, they need to be completely installed, anchored, and leveled. PS&T is not responsible for any cabinetwork; including leveling, building supports, or installation of steel braces. However, we are more than glad to advise you and your contractor on what steps need to be taken and how they can be completed.

​Measurements can be done with the countertops on, but in the case of more complex kitchens, we ask that you remove the countertops before the measurements. If any of the cabinets are moved after measurement, please inform us, as we will need to re-measure (Fee applies).